We count among our members Belgian nationals, who for professional or family reasons, are residents of Sweden and Swedish nationals, who have enjoyed tours of duties in or have strong ties to Belgium. Nationals of other countries are also members of our Association. While the official language of the Association is English, several members are fluent in other languages, including Dutch, French, German and the Scandinavian languages.

Yearly membership fees are SEK 125 per individual member.

If you want to become a member, please pay 125 SEK to account Bg 5203-3107 (or Swish to 1236929152)  with your name & email address.

The Swedish-Belgian Association arranges and supports attractive functions and events, including the following, many of which are financially sponsored by the Association itself:

  • Dinner-speeches with high-ranking and interesting personalities;
  • Family outings;
  • Invitations to Swedish-Belgian cultural events;
  • Gastronomy and drink with a distinct Belgian flavour;
  • Free tickets to Belgian/Swedish events;
  • Arrival of St. Nicolas for the families and the children;
  • Annual Meeting of the Association;
  • ….

All members are also invited to bring forward any proposals on activities that can be organized.
The activities can be cultural, commercial or recreational, but should always have the Belgian/Swedish connection respected.

Contact us through our contact page if you have any questions.

You can become member during any time of the year.


If you do not want to be member but want to support our association’s work,
you can use following for any donations (please indicate ‘donation’ &  your name):  

Account  Bg 5203-3107
Or SWISH to 1236929152